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Success Grenade Issue 8: The One Golden Rule


Hello – it’s Chris here

In this issue of Success Grenade – I’d like to share with you
the ‘One Golden Rule’ of how to make money online.

There is a Golden rule — that eclipses everything else.

Are you ready?

The Golden rule is made up of 6 little words:


Fall In Love With Your List

You weren’t expecting that – were you? :)


In one of my video courses called How To Make Money Online
– I share why this Golden Rule is so important.

This video is 6 minutes long — but these 6 minutes can make you
hundreds of thousands of dollars if you understand and apply what you are about to discover…


Let me ask you a question…

Are you on somebody’s list and you know for a fact that when
you receive e-mail from them – they are trying to sell you something.

Of course we all want to make money — but selling in EVERY email — is so dated and simply does not work anymore (it did 10 years ago — but not now).

Caring Is The New Currency

Did you know – it’s generally considered that$1000 extra a month – is
enough to make a real difference to someones life.

How would $1000 every month – sound to you?

Let’s reverse engineer this.

$1000/month – is only 27 people buying a $37 product.

27 people – that’s it!

And it’s very easy to add a few hundred people to your list in a month.

Do you think – if you ‘fell in love with your list’ and you treated your
list well – you could convert 27 of them – to paying customers?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! And I have taught countless people how to do just this.

But NONE of this will work – if you don’t fall in love with your list first.

This really is exactly what we teach at Chris Farrell Membership. If you haven’t yet taken a look – why not?!

You can – by clicking here.


In Next Week’s Success Grenade:

How To Get Your Emails Opened Every Time!


In next week’s Success Grenade – I’m looking forward to sharing with you 5
Simple Techniques To Get Your Emails Opened, Read and Responded To.

I’ll show you how you can achieve this — in your next copy of Success Grenade!

OK – that’s all for this week.

See you in 7 days!


Chris Farrell
Voted No. 1 Online Coaching Program 2011/2012/2013

PS – If you can’t wait 7 days for your next Success Grenade –
you can access the entire back catalogue IMMEDIATELY by clicking below :)

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