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Success Grenade Issue 7: How To Easily Fix Issues With Your PC!


System Restore

Hello – Chris Farrell here.

This week I want to share with you one of
those ‘great-little-tricks’ that not many know.

But once you are aware of this – it can save you
all sorts of stress and frustration.

Every time you download or install a new program,
application, software or update, you make changes to your computer.

However have you ever made changes to your computer – and then wished you hadn’t?

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say we have all done this at some point. I know I certainly have.

There is nothing more frustrating….!!!

Suddenly something doesn’t appear to work correctly.

And what’s worse – you are not 100% sure what to do.

So you ‘try’ and fix it yourself – but at the back of
your mind you know you could be doing more harm than good…..

It’s a horrible feeling.

No one to really turn to. And then you end up
getting annoyed at yourself for making these changes. It can ruin your day!

All you really want is to get your computer back to ‘how it was’.

Well – there is a great trick that allows you to do exactly this.

There is a little known facility in Windows called System Restore that I want to share with you.

Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur

How does System restore work?

Windows periodically records a snapshot of your computer.

These snapshots are called restore points.

If you’ve installed a program that has made your computer unstable,
you can choose a restore point, and return your computer to its previously stable state.

Here’s how to do it:  Please note — System Restore is only available on Windows (ie not on a mac).

System Restore works a lot like the Undo command in Microsoft Word.

You can use System Restore to remove any changes that were made since the last time you remember your computer was working correctly.

The great thing is System Restore does not affect your personal data files
(such as Word documents, browsing history, drawings, favorites, or email)
so you won’t lose changes made to these files.

However System Restore WILL affect any new programs you have installed.

Let me just reiterate this!

If you have saved documents – emails etc etc on your PC …System Restore
will NOT change (or delete) them. These documents WILL still be on your
computer as normal after a system restore.

But any PROGRAM or SOFTWARE installed or updated – WILL BE REMOVED
by using the System Restore Facility (as long as you choose a date BEFORE the
offending program was added to your PC).

Got it? Good!

System Restore will re-configure your PC to how your PC was working at the date you choose.

Knowing a few little tricks like this really make the day to day operation of your PC even more of a joy.

This is a great ace to have up your sleeve – just in case you ever need to play it.

OK that’s it for this week….

And look out for your next Success Grenade in 7 days…..


Chris Farrell

PS – if you can’t wait 7 days for your next issue –
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