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Success Grenade Issue 5: Facebook Made Simple!

Success Granede #5

Hello — it’s Chris Farrell again here….
and welcome to Success Grenade #5.In the last issue of Success Grenade – we looked at how to create a one page website.(If you missed last week’s Success Grenade – click here to access it)

This week – let’s talk FACEBOOK!

Facebook is an online juggernaut — but there is so much more to it than looking up old college buddies and spying on people’s photos!

Used correctly – Facebook can be a hugely powerful marketing weapon.

Here’s an amazing fact:

Roughly 20 million people visit Walmart everyday. BUT get this– roughly 250 million people (!!) — use Facebook everyday. Wow.

There is simply no other on or offline channel – that can reach this amount of people.

At the time of making you this issue of Success Grenade –
Facebook is generating for me on average about 10,000 visitors a month.

This is WAY more than enough – to make a full time living online.

Now — I am aware — that although everyone has heard of Facebook
— many are unsure how to ACTUALLY use it – to help make you money online.

And that’s the point of this issue of Success Grenade.

Please let me explain more – in this video.

Ok — so that’s all for this issue of Success Grenade!

I hope you are enjoying what you are seeing and hearing each week.

In Next Week’s Success Grenade:

Unadvertised Free Gift

I have a little treat for you next week!

How would you like an unadvertised free gift?

We all like free gifts don’t we – and I have created something for you – that is 100% free (you don’t even need to sign up or anything) — and you can get your hands on this free gift – in 7 days from now.

See you in next week’s Success Grenade.



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