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Success Grenade Issue 10: The Most Powerful Word YOU Can Use Online


In this issue of Success Grenade – let’s have a
super-fast but super-important crash course in COPYWRITING.

Copywriting is all about the words that you choose –
on your website – in your emails — to promote your business.

The harsh reality is – people will decide whether to spend money
with you – depending on the WORDS that you use in your marketing materials.

Good copy-writing really is about PERSUASION.

Using the power of carefully crafted
words – you can persuade people to take action.

But HOW do you do this?

As they said in the Sound of Music – let’s start at the very beginning.

Let me ask you a question.

What do you think is the most important word in Copywriting?


No – it’s not free. There is a word people crave more than oxygen.



The answer is – YOU.


YOU need to start using the word YOU a lot more. Yes YOU do.

There is a psychological reason for this.

People fundamentally need to feel as if they belong and that they matter. And the word YOU creates an emotional connection with your reader — or your viewer.

The word YOU also makes a sentence pop and fizz more.

Let’s look at an example:

In this first one — the original ad said:

Every woman deserves this 5 star treatment.

Now once it was tweaked – to include YOU – it became:

You deserve this 5 star treatment.

Doesn’t that just FEEL better?

Here’s another example:

The original ad was:

Any man feels great in a Hugo Boss suit.

After adding out magic word – the ad read:

You will feel great in a Hugo Boss suit.

***So my question to YOU is — are you using the word YOU enough?***

Take a look at your marketing — your web page — your sales letters
– your emails — your Facebook posts — and evaluate if YOU are using the wordYOU enough.

If not — YOU need to.


In Next Week’s Success Grenade:

~How To Save 2 Months Of Struggling Online~

In your next issue of Success Grenade – I am going to be sharing with you a very simple tip — that will save you 2 months of struggling online.

Can you guess what this tip is?

I will let you know — in 7 days from now – in your next free copy of Success Grenade.

See you in 7 days!


Chris Farrell
Voted No. 1 Online Coaching Program 2011/2012/2013


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