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Success Grenade Issue 11: How To Save 2 Months Of Struggling Online


Want to make money online?

The next 2 minutes is going to save you 2 months.

You are not going to make money online by sending visitors direct to a sales page.

Yes you did read that correctly.

You will however make money online by driving traffic to a landing page.

And then developing a relationship with those that sign up.

What is a landing page?


A landing page (also known as a squeeze page) is a web page that has
only one purpose — to entice visitors to give you their email address thereby getting added to your list.

A landing page will have an opt in form on it — to allow your visitors to join your list.

As an incentive for your visitor to sign up to your list — you will offer a free gift that MUST BE OF VALUE.

In fact — I’d go as far to say — the product that you were thinking about selling
– you may want to consider giving it away for free (if you have the rights to do this — or if it is your own product).

In return for this gift — your visitor will give you his email address.

Once you start building your list — you begin a relationship with them.

Communicate with them — email them.

A relationship is a two way street – don’t be nervous about communicating.


Treat people AS PEOPLE — NOT cyber credit cards


Find out about who has signed up. What do they want to know? What are their struggles? What are their fears? What are their problems?

Ever since the dawn of time — the individual who discovers someone’s need — and then provides a solution to this need — will do well.

So you now have a list — albeit a small one.

Rather than relentlessly trying to crow-bar out their credit card (as 99% of marketers do) — instead nurture a relationship with those that have signed up.

When I began I did not mail one offer to my list for almost 6 months. I spent the first 6 months building my list and engaging with those on it.

My GOLDEN RULE is BE GOOD TO YOUR LIST. I made a video about this in SUCCESS GRENADE Number 8. If you missed this video – you can see it again by  CLICKING HERE.


If you are good to your list — then when the time comes for you to email an offer – if you’ve been good to your list FIRST – they will be good to you back.

POWERTIP: Just because you HAVE a website — that does not mean you are in business.

A website is not a business.

There are millions of websites that don’t make any money.

And a product is not a business either. Anyone can get a product to sell.

What then is a business?

Customers. So make sure you look after yours.


In Next Week’s Success Grenade:


Ok – that’s it for this issue of Success Grenade.

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See you in 7 days :)


Chris Farrell
Voted No. 1 Online Coaching Program 2011/2012/2013


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