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Benefits of a Small Business Owner Many people are feeling the effects of a weakened economy lately. If you are disappointed with your current career path and need something to liven up your income and life, consider becoming a small business owner. Small business owners enjoy flexibility, independence and pride that those working for others […]

Your Go-To Guide to Grow Your Email List

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Your Go-To Guide to Grow Your Email List Growing your email list is one of the best things you can do for your business.That’s because, unlike other channels, you own your list.Here’s what Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder of Orbit Media, has to say about it:“Email marketing means ownership. Along with direct traffic (which is difficultto control) […]

15 Business Leaders on

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15 Business Leaders on How to Make Difficult Decisions Being in charge can be highly stressful; your team looks to you for leadershipand the success of the business is dependent on your decisions.Sometimes those decisions can be especially difficult; like letting members ofstaff go, selling your business or taking the plunge with a new venture. So,what’s […]


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Beets are extremely healthy as they have potent medicinal properties and offer relief in the case of various ailments and diseases. The anthocyanins give them the red color and have strong anti-cancer properties. Moreover, beets contain betaine, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that supports heart health, as well as important vitamins and minerals including […]


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“FREE REPORT: 180++ FREE Resources EVERY  Online Marketer Should Know!” As an online entrepreneur, there are simply so MANY resources out there that can greatly help YOU in your online business. The cool thing is, many of these resources are completely FREE and work just as well as the paid solutions. The reason why most people don’t […]