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Are you a network marketing junky?

Do you believe in the concept of residual income but have not yet found the vehicle for your optimism and enthusiasm for the network marketing business model?

Finally Make All Your
Dreams Come True.

Welcome!  I’m Juan Cruz As a Successful Business Builder in the Network Marketing Industry, my wish is to help‘action takers’ like  you finally make your dreams come true. I’m just a simple man whose quietly created an amazing life and comfortable retirement, thanks to Direct Sales and the Power of Internet Marketing.

I don’t declare income and I don’t promise financial freedom for no effort. It is against my personal moral code and, I am honoured to share, my company's policy.

My team has grown to global proportions. You see our product genuinely helps people. It is recognised as a medical device and adopted by hospitals and pharmacies.

So our customers are getting the very best they can get to help with lifestyle disease.

You can see all about my product, Kangen Water®, elsewhere on this site.

There are video demonstrations and lots and lots of articles quoting medical and nutritionist professionals on the blog.
But right now, after helping lots of my global team to build successful businesses, I am looking for new team members to help bring awareness of this amazing water across the world. Just sharing this amazing water can bring you excellent rewards.

Starting at $285 (€175) the commission's rise to $1710 (€1050) per sale for our most popular Kangen Water® machine.
So quickly people can realise a fantastic income from their personal and group sales (sales by members of their team)

It took me a while to realise the enormous benefits of this kind of business model because I was used to selling products at very low prices in a network marketing business.

Now I realise that it is much better to sell a small amount of  high ticket products a month than many sales of low ticket products. Especially in Network Marketing because most of the MLM models require your customers to purchase product every month for a decent income to be built and my experience was that you get lots of cancellations so there is a constant recruitment pressure to maintain income.

With Enagic, if you have 10 group sales a month at any level in the compensation plan then that is at a very minimum, a replacement income for most people.

 How long does that take to build? Anything from 3 months to a year in my experience.

But even at a mid range level in our compensation plan 2 group sales can bring you $2000 a month! That is life changing for many people.

                 2 SALES ONLY!!! $2000 a month!!!2016-06-25_3-22-12

I would recommend you view the video on this site to review the Enagic Business –


For UK based distributors in MLM, Network Marketing companies who are not receiving the reward for their effort, I would recommend you watch the video above and then get in touch with me. I am presenting seminars across the country and I am prepared to use all of my experience to help you get a positive start with our Enagic business.

It doesn’t matter what level you are in your network marketing company, whether you are a leader or a new member, I know Enagic can offer you a different level of income. I know that because more and more people from other companies, like Utility Warehouse, Traffic Monsoon, Forever Living, Kleeneze, ACN, SaladMaster etc are joining us.

They get to share this amazing water ( For FREE ) with friends and family and are rewarded for seeing mighty health improvements in those who purchase our product, because Kangen Water®

It really does. Just go key in KANGEN WATER®
 TESTIMONIES into Youtube and see for yourself!

So I offer Physical AND Financial Health for you, your friends and family.



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